Athletics Department

Athletics Department

The Athletics Department at Lassen Union High School takes great pride in the high level of athleticism of the young people on our teams, but we are most proud of the sportsmanship that our student-athletes display while participating in their individual games and meets. The coaching staff at Lassen Union High School also devotes a great deal of time and effort into building and continuing their program’s success.

The athletic program of Lassen Union High School is a dynamic, integral part of the educational experience and provides meaningful learning opportunities. Lessons learned will provide the student-athletes with life-long lessons for personal growth and values such as sportsmanship, teamwork, ethical behavior, perseverance, commitment, loyalty, self-discipline, pride and cooperation, responsibility and leadership skills.

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No Re-Entry Policy for paid events

Lassen High and Grade School Students please be aware that you can not come and go from paid events, such as sporting events, without a parent or guardian. Once you leave you can not come back in.

Adults please be aware of where your children are at all times during games that you accompany them to. Also, please be aware that you can not drop off children under the age of 13

Athletics Department Forms

Current Coach Roster as of 02-22-2017



 Athletic Director Tom St. Jacques
 Head Football Tom St. Jacques
     Assistant Varsity Football Coach  JT Terrill
     Assistant Varsity Football Coach JD Hansen
     Assistant Varsity Football Coach Paul Moore
     Assistant Varsity Football Coach Jason McMullin
     JV Football Head Coach Paul Geoia
     Frosh Football Head Coach Kevin McCullough
 Head Boys Basketball Caoch Paul Moore
     Assistant Boys Varsity Coach Doug Satica
     JV Boys Basketball Coach Matt Paine
     Frosh Boys Basketball Coach Jim Dandois
 Head Girls Basketball Coach Jessica Larson
     Assistant Girls Varsity Coach Laura Rotlisberger
     JV Girls Basketball Coach Tony Amero
     Frosh Girls Basketball Coach Tyanna Zinn
 Head Track Coach Kevin Cooper
     Assistant Track Coach Paul Geoia
     Assistant Track Coach Donna Mendoza
     Assistant Track Coach Isaac Harris
 Head Wrestling Coach Errin Montgomery
     Assistant Wrestling Coach Mo Suarez
     Assistant Wrestling Coach Brian Boyer
     Assistant Wrestling Coach Jeff Kremer
 Head Baseball Coach Scott Foreman
     Assistant Varsity Baseball Coach Ed Lively
     JV Baseball Coach Jon Westfall
 Head Softball Coach Hillary Magarrell
     Assistant Varsity Softball Coach James Lewis
     JV Softball Coach Megan Tilford
 Pep Squad Stacy Gallyer
 Head Cross Country Coach Kevin Cooper
     Assistant Cross Country Coach Donna Mendoza
 Head Field Hockey Coach Reesa Rice
     Assistant Varsity Field Hockey Coach Mien Zubillaga
     JV Field Hockey Coach Barbara Somerville-Rausch
 Head Boys Soccer Coach Johan Kamfraat
     Assistant Boys Soccer Coach Matt Shirley
 Head Girls Soccer Coach Rebecca Compton
     Assistant Girls Soccer Coach Bob Nielsen
 Head Volleyball Coach Matt Paine
     Assistant Varsity Volleyball Coach Megan Tilford
     JV Volleyball Coach Katie Bigby
     Frosh Volleyball Coach Vickie Schmidt
 Head Boys Golf Coach Jim Ernaga
 Head Girls Golf Coach Jim Ernaga
Drill Team  Shelley Bennett