Testing Information and Updates


Why do we test students? Mainly, educators use assessment data to better understand the learning needs of every student. Additionally, testing can help with placement in appropriate classes, help students get into college or "test out" of college classes, and testing can also help determine specific learning standards that students may be having issues with. Here at LUHS we use several different tests to provide the best results for students. 

You may be familiar with such tests as the SAT's, ACT's, and ASVAB tests. These tests have been in place for many years and we offer these tests at Lassen. These tests are gateways into many colleges or the military and can impact a student's success in the future. As they progress through high school, it becomes necessary for students to consider which, if any, standardized tests they should take. Some of these tests do have fees and if you have questions about the fees, dates of testing, or anything related to these three tests you can contact the counseling department at 530-257-6857.

NWEA MAP Testing 

To prepare students for these tests, identify trouble areas, and help with placement we use a test from NWEA called a MAP test. This test is usually done two to three times a year and measures a student's proficiency in reading, math, and language. This test is responsive, which means it adapts based on how students answer the questions. This gives teachers a real sense of what skills students understand, which skills students need to develop, and which skills the students are ready to have introduced. It can also help determine if a student is prepared for state testing, AP classes, or whether they may need remedial classes.

For more information on MAP testing click HERE

Our students also participate in mandatory state testing through CAASPP. This year our 12th grade students will take the California Science Test (CAST). Our 11th grade students will participate in CAASPP testing in Math and English Language Arts.

For more information on California state testing click HERE 

AP Testing

Students wanting to participate in AP testing during the 2017-2018 school year need to sign up no later than 3/4/2017. 

AP tests are offered at no-cost to our students (This is a $142 value per test). Participation in testing is not mandatory for students taking AP classes; however there are many benefits to taking the test for those planning on continuing their education after high school.

AP tests offered during the 2017-2018 school year are:

  • Chemistry (Mon, May 7th, 8 am)
  • Spanish Language and Culture (Tue, May 8th, 8 am)
  • English Literature and Composition (Wed, May 9th, 8 am)
  • Environmental Science (Thurs, May 10th, 12 pm)
  • U.S. History (Fri, May 11th, 8 am)
  • Biology (Mon, May 14th, 8 am)
  • Calculus AB (Tue, May 15th, 8 am)
  • English Language and Composition (Wed, May 16th, 8 am)
  • European History (Fri, May 18th, 12 pm)

If you have any questions regarding AP testing please feel free to contact
Micah Freeman, Counselor at 530-257-6857 or
Andrea Rose, Technology and Testing Technician at 530-257-5566